uCANcomplain - Ms. Shirley Tang Wake County BOE Election Candidate Questionnaire

Question #1: Would you, as a Board member, vote to adopt an Advocate for Parents Policy that would give parents and students their voice through advocate support? *

For example: The policy would grant parents the right to have an advocate communicate with school officials on behalf of the parent and the student, and/or accompany them to meetings with the officials.


Optional: Comment for Question #1
I fully support families being advocates for their children. Currently, there are parent advocates allowed to attend special education meetings; however, all families deserve the option to have their concerns expressed through an advocate. I would also support a volunteer advocate network to ensure all families can have access to an advocate who understands how to manage this complex school system.


Question #2: At School Board meetings, parents have often expressed concerns and request answers to different aspects of their children’s education or treatment in WCPSS. As a Board member, should you respond to the parents, especially your constituents, personally afterward? *

For example: Emailing or calling the parents after the public meeting to address their concerns.


Optional: Comment for Question #2
As a mother of a student in the WCPSS and someone who has spoken at multiple board meetings, I understand what it is like to feel as though no one is listening. I fully support open, respectful dialogue between Board members and members of the community.  If a community member reaches out via email, phone, or public comment, they deserve a response from his/her Board member. It’s time to put the focus back on WHO we are here to serve.

Question #3: As a School Board member, should you address parents' concerns on their children’s disciplinary/academic/equity issues when school administrators fail to resolve them? *

For example: When the parents contact you about adult/peer bullying against their children, after the administrators and the anti-bullying policy offer no effective resolution.


Optional: Comment for Question #3
As a Board Member, I should report concerns to the Area Superintendent and/or Superintendent or any other necessary staff to ensure WCPSS is responding in a swift, appropriate way. All WCPSS students must be protected from all types of bullying (cyber or in person) and quick consequences need to be given to the perpetrators. All too often, students suffer silently due to fear of retribution or previous inaction by WCPSS staff. We must keep every child safe.


Question #4: Should Board members enforce formal and periodic training for all WCPSS employees on policies related to discrimination, harassment, and bullying, including how to file complaints? *

For example: Trainings on WCPSS policies 1710, 1720, and 1730 under this link: https://boardpolicyonline.com/bl/?b=wake_new#&&hs=TOC%3a1


Optional: Comment for Question #4
We should be provided a report of % of staff completion of training. Additionally we should encourage Principals, Area Superintendents, Superintendent, and appropriate staff to follow up appropriately with staff until the training is completed.


Question #5: Should Board members hold WCPSS employees, including administrators, accountable when they violate district policies or state/federal laws? *

For example: When a WCPSS employee fails to provide a student record within 45 days upon his parents' request for review and, thus, violates a WCPSS Policy 4700 (Student Records) and a federal law (Family Educational Right and Privacy Act).


Optional: Comment for Question #5

As a Board Member, I, along with all Board Members and district staff, must follow applicable policies. If any policies are violated, swift and appropriate action must be taken. As trusted elected officials, we must all be held accountable for our actions.


Question #6: Should the Superintendent and the Board, at the current racial climate, make equity the #1 priority and collaborate with students, parents, and advocates on their recommendations expeditiously? *

For example: The recommendations from parents and community advocates in 2020 on a) The draft Equity Policy 1150: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XzdtxjVZj1KAj1kifZ1TKvXVelcTlaWa/view?usp=sharing and b) The SRO Memorandum of Understanding [policing agreement] between WCPSS and 11 law enforcement agencies: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IY8sFFwj1GBfX0NR0K8PXfFhTMRD0cxO/view?usp=sharing


Optional: Comment for Question #6
My focus as a WCPSS School Board representative will always be on education, academic success, and what's in the best interest of our students. Today, as we maneuver the pandemic together, my priorities are:

1. Ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our students, teachers, and school staff as we return to in-person instruction. Many are eager, yet apprehensive, to get back to class. As an educator and mother, I understand and recognize the need to implement all necessary safety protocols and procedures and the significant value of in-person instruction.

2.  Putting the focus back on education.  Whether online or in person, students must be provided a sound equitable education with any needed academic support to help them rise to reach their maximum potential. This includes defining a structure for their chosen learning environment and clearly communicating expectations to both students and their families. 

3. Giving parents, students, community members and school staff a voice.  In our ever-changing environment, it’s important to communicate well and communicate often. Respectful, open dialogue with parents, community members, and staff will encourage collaboration and opportunities to improve learning.  I will work to help find common ground and encourage proactive communication.