September 18, 2020




Since I announced my campaign for WCPSS School Board, I have received a great deal of interest from the parents and voters in District 9. While many emails and messages are words of support and motivation, some constituents have asked specific questions about my platform. There are a few common threads in what voters in D9 are interested in understanding better. Therefore, I’d like to take an opportunity to elaborate on who I am, why I’m running and what my priorities will be when representing the students and families of D9.


As an experienced educator and social worker, I have dedicated years working to support the needs of others. The focus of my work has been to advocate and fight for those who often go unnoticed and speak up for those who are underrepresented. In my current role, I work with Special Education children of WCPSS. This incredibly rewarding work has highlighted the need for better advocacy and representation for this group of children within WCPSS. It has also, however, alerted me to the poor communication and indifference to collaboration from the current School Board with parents across the county. Ultimately, I was motivated to run to give a voice to those who often go unnoticed or remain voiceless in our large, difficult-to-manage school system.


As a mom and educator, I have been directly impacted by the shift in focus by the current WCPSS School Board. Personally, I have watched my child struggle with a new math curriculum that wasn’t vetted properly or thoroughly.  I have listened to similar experiences from families across my district and the county. Curriculum decisions have been questionable, at best – and, in my opinion, the values and opinions of parents have been readily dismissed. The Special Education students and families I serve have been treated as an afterthought in district level decisions. Many Special Education children did not have school-provided transportation for months at the beginning of the 2019 school year! We need to embrace parents as an integral part of their child’s education and focus the curriculum back to basics.


I am disheartened with the priorities of this School Board. Rather than prioritizing WHAT we are here to provide – a sound education for each and every student of WCPSS – and WHO we are here to serve – all students, families, teachers, staff and community members – this School Board has given preference to reassignments and promoting social and political issues all while failing to close the achievement gap. 


We are now in unprecedented times. Although eager to return, teachers, parents, and students are naturally apprehensive as we look toward opening our schools for in-class instruction. It is more important than ever to have School Board representation that considers your needs, the needs of your children and the values of our community. This School Board has spent enough time fiddling while Rome burns. 


My focus as your School Board member will be on education:


 ●       Providing appropriately challenging educational opportunities to all students to receive a sound education, regardless of where they are in their learning process  

●       Making decisions by considering what is in the best interest of students and their learning and academic growth

●       Collaborating with parents and the community to understand their concerns and needs and the impact of my decisions

●       Being committed, available, proactive, and responsive


I am so grateful to be part of an engaged and devoted community and appreciate the support and encouragement. I humbly ask for your vote during this election.



Please email me at if you have any questions. 


For more information about Karen Carter, please see, karen4wake on Instagram and @Karen4wake on Twitter.