Karen's Platform



It is important to have an open, respectful dialogue with parents, students, staff and community members. Acknowledging concerns and working collaboratively towards mutual solutions is crucial. Board members, meetings, and meeting documents need to be easily accessible by the community.




It is imperative that all students --regardless of zip code, ethnicity, race, or socioeconomic status--have equal educational opportunities. Each student should be provided with a sound education with proven vetted curriculums and any necessary academic support to ensure they rise to the next level.


It is important to do research, receive feedback from the community, and address board decisions while using a big picture approach.




I will lead by representing the needs of all students.


It is necessary to hold WCPSS accountable. Consistent transparency is the first step in this process. Parents, students, staff, and the community deserve to know the truth about issues occurring within our school system. The budget needs to be written in a way in which community members can easily trace how taxpayer money is spent. All IEPs, BIPs, and 504 Plans need to be followed.