September 30, 2020




The decisions made by the WCPSS School Board last night have left many parents extremely frustrated and disappointed - including me. While our students are losing ground academically and socially, the WCPSS School Board continues to demonstrate their inability to proactively plan in order to support the education of our students. 


During a time when families, teachers, and citizens are looking for strong leadership to guide the reopening of our schools, the WCPSS School Board failed to display any strategic focus as they voted on the future of education in Wake County. Rather, the Board meeting last night exemplified disarray, dysfunction, and, with one Board member dominating the meeting, ineffectiveness at its best.


As a mom of a high school student, I can relate to all the families who have reached out to share their concerns regarding the approved plan. I share those same concerns. Also, as an educator, I am troubled that our views and suggestions were not fully represented.  The survey information that was considered by the Board did not reflect the full complement of resources that are involved in educating our children. Transportation services, child nutrition, office staff, instructional assistants, and custodial staff did not have an opportunity to respond to the survey.


I support the safe reopening of our schools. With the guidance of the COVID Scientific Advisory Board, proper safety procedures and protocols can be implemented to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our students, teachers, and staff. With less drama and ego and more patience and collaboration, this can be accomplished in a purposeful manner. 


As your WCPSS School Board representative, I will lead with foresight. My decisions will be informed and made with careful consideration to the input and feedback from the community. After witnessing the chaotic manner in which the WCPSS School Board voted on what may be one of the most important decisions impacting education in Wake County, it is apparent we need fresh, resourceful leadership. 


I ask for your vote on November 3rd.


For more information, please see, karen4wake on Instagram and @Karen4wake on Twitter. 

The Wake County Board of Education Approved Reopening Plan:


As of 9/29/2020: Pre-K-3rd and all Special Education Regional Students return to in-person instruction in 3 cohorts on October 26th. On November 16th, these groups will transition to daily in-person. (9-0 vote). One member abstained from voting, but counts as a yes.


Grades 4-5th will return to in-person instruction in 3 cohorts on November 16th. (5-4 vote). No date for daily in-person instruction was part of the motion.


Grades 6-8th will return to in-person instruction in 3 cohorts on November 9th for the remainder of the 1st semester.  (5-4 vote). The 2nd semester plan is TBD. 


Grades 9-12th remain remote until end of 1st semester (January). (8-1 vote). The 2nd semester plan is TBD.