October 13, 2020



In just a few short weeks, WCPSS elementary and middle schools are scheduled to reopen. While parents are trying to make heads or tails of calendars containing rotations, cohorts, and mandated remote and asynchronous days, many details are left undefined. What preparations have been made to manage what would typically be considered "normal” actions – like recess or using the restroom or even carrying backpacks and lunch boxes? When will the hard questions be asked?

The reality is the WCPSS School Board has exhibited a complete lack of strategic focus and foresight in maneuvering through the pandemic. They have been reactive and remain unorganized. They should have been advocating for answers months ago.

The current District 9 School Board representative has failed to engage families in our community to assuage their concerns through the pandemic. He has failed to provide leadership and direction to ensure our children continue to receive a quality education. While parents are accustomed to this indifference, they have fortunately remained engaged and have shared some of their frustrations with me.

  •  Will there be any in-person orientation time, prior to the cohorts beginning to rotate in, for students to practice protocols and see the       “new” arrangements in schools?

  • What happens if a student begins to exhibit symptoms and has no private means of transportation available?

  • How will a student’s request to use the restroom be handled to ensure all safety protocols are followed along with proper supervision of the classroom?

  • Will a list of “what-if” safety scenarios along with guidelines be provided to the parents and staff? If yes, when and by what means?

  • Why is use of substitute teachers restricted causing coverage issues for teachers?

  • When will staff distribution issues be addressed (Virtual academy, remote, in-class)?

  • Students still lack access to hotspots and laptops. What is the plan to eliminate these barriers to learning?


With the guidance of the COVID Scientific Advisory Board, NC DHHS, and NC DPI, proper safety procedures and protocols including hand washing, masks, and social distancing can be implemented to ensure everyone’s health, safety and well-being. Families, students, teachers and staff deserve a clear direction and understanding of the precautions being taken and the guidelines being put in place as students return to in-class instruction. As your School Board representative, I will ask the hard questions and advocate for clearly defined policies to support all learning environments. I ask for your vote in District 9 so the focus can be put back on who we are here to serve.


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