August 26, 2020




Special Education students deserve to be respected. Based on 2019-2020 statistics, they make up approximately 12% of the WCPSS student population. Far too often, the Wake County School Board tries to minimize their concerns or sweep them under the rug. 


What are the concerns?  Over the last year alone, transportation, physical restraints, and lack of staff training have each been an issue.  Individualized Education Plan (IEP) non-compliance and the move to teleservices can be added to the list of missteps. Wake County School Board District 9 parents, Brentley and Beth Tanner said, "As the parents of a child with an IEP in Wake County Public Schools, we understand how important it is that the leaders making decisions at the highest levels of our school districts be diverse in their experiences. Having a special education IA as a school board member will help ensure that families like mine have a voice through someone that understands the needs of our children because they are working with those students every day.  Families who have students with special needs often find themselves without the necessary resources and in times like these, it is easy for our children to fall well behind their peers without any safety net.  We need representation on the Board to make sure our children will grow up to achieve their dreams."


Karen Carter has Listened repeatedly to families who have had to engage advocates as they felt WCPSS was not looking out for their child’s best interest.  She has Learned about the frustrations and struggles of the Special Education families and children.  


WCPSS needs to put ALL students’ best interest first.  It is heartbreaking to see such disregard for a group of students.   As the District 9 Board representative, Karen Carter will Lead the efforts to consistently keep ALL students as the focus.


If you've had issues with special education services in WCPSS, Karen would like to hear from you about them.


For more information about Karen Carter, please see, karen4wake on Instagram, and @Karen4wake on Twitter.