WRAL Questionnaire North Carolina General 2020

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Karen Carter

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Wake County Board of Education


If elected, what are your top 3 priorities?

My focus as a WCPSS School Board representative will always be on the education, academic success, and what's in the best interest of our students. As we maneuver the pandemic, my priorities are: 1. Ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our students, teachers, and school staff as we return to in-person instruction. 2. Putting the focus back on education for both remote learning or in-person instruction. 3. Giving the community a collaborative voice. In this ever-changing environment, it’s important to communicate well and communicate often.


The pandemic forced schools to move online quickly. What changes need to be made to improve remote learning?

While the transition to remote learning was sudden, lessons have been learned. Parents have expressed their concern about the long amounts of screen time, inconsistent communication, and heavy workloads for some students. For many students, remote learning is simply not the best learning environment and we must consider the impact. From adjusting schedules to identifying ways to increase student engagement in online classes, as your School Board rep, I will listen to you and our teachers and commit to creating the best learning environment for our students. Now is not the time to vacillate.


What can be done to prevent existing achievement gaps for minority and low-income students from growing while they are learning remotely?

Remote learning has created another obstacle to helping students who need it most. Sadly, due to the delay in delivering devices, many students did not have the resources they needed to participate in remote learning when school started this year. I believe our school system had ample time and opportunity to address this “digital divide” yet failed. Going forward, we must incorporate initiatives that consider and value all students – minority, low-income, special education, ELL – and what they need for their own academic success.


What can be done to protect funding for schools, which are spending more money in response to the pandemic?

Legislation has passed, which holds school districts harmless in regards to ADM (average daily membership). The Board of Education has the responsibility to act as good stewards of funds that are provided. Adjustments to the budget may need to be made in light of the current situation. We must ensure the best use of the multiple rounds of CARES Act funding, which WCPSS has received, and prioritize our spending with the focus on providing a sound education to all students and ensuring our special education students receive the services required per their IEPs.