Academic growth is the key measurement in the academic progress of a student in a given grade or subject. As State Superintendent Mark Johnson put simply, “’s where we expect students to go within a school year.  If students at a school meet growth, then those schools have done what North Carolina has asked of them.” 


When D9 incumbent Bill Fletcher first took office in 2014, the academic growth at Cary High School was 100% - Exceeded.   By 2019, growth had plummeted to 60.2% - Not Met! Performance grade history suffered a similar fate, sinking from 83% to 69%1 in those same 6 years. The overall school performance dropped a full letter grade from a B to a C.


As a matter of fact, all school levels within District 9, elementary, middle and high, have all suffered inconsistent, largely negative trends in performance since 2014. 


As if that’s not bad enough, for the 2018-2019 school year, Cary High School had the highest number of dropouts of any high school in Wake County excluding the alternative academy.2  Yes, the highest.


You have one opportunity to educate your child(ren). Families shouldn’t have to “hang in there” until WCPSS figures it out, as Mr. Fletcher told one parent regarding her child’s subpar math instruction.


It is time to focus on education to improve academics for our D9 students and all students across Wake County. 


Karen Carter is an educator with many years of classroom experience who understands the importance of excellence in academic performance.  She has advocated for children and families, not only in her community, but for children across Wake County.  She has fought to raise awareness of the failure of MVP math.  She has been a voice and trusted resource for special education families and students and a strong advocate for parents navigating high school.


Vote Karen Carter for Wake County School Board District 9!


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