Karen Carter is an experienced, thorough, spirited, and resilient social worker and educator with over 17 years of experience in supporting, educating, and advocating for and empowering children and families.


Karen received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC in 1999, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a 3.75 GPA. Karen was a member of the Phi Alpha Honor Society that provides a closer bond among students of social work and promotes humanitarian goals and ideals. 


While at Meredith College, Karen volunteered working with children at Chavis Heights. She  completed an internship at The Child Advocacy Institute where she played an instrumental role in the development of SAYSO, an advocacy group for foster care children. She also completed an internship as a Social Work Supervisor at Atlantic Behavioral Health Systems where she provided consultation to therapeutic foster homes and developed and monitored treatment plans for clients. She then moved into a full time position with Atlantic Behavioral Health Systems which became Omni Visions.


At Omni Visions, Karen worked as a Resource Coordinator where she coordinated services, provided support to therapeutic foster parents and children to assist with behavioral, emotional, and developmental issues. She conducted home visits and provided supervision of foster homes, assisted with development of educational and treatment plans and court documentation.


At Davis Drive Elementary School, Karen was a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant where she led students in handwriting, art, reading, and math centers. She assisted with academic and behavioral areas of need and with the development and implementation of BIPs, behavioral charts, visual schedules, and IEPs. Additionally, she completed academic assessments with the students.


Karen then worked as a Substitute Teacher in the Wake County Public School System at Mills Park Middle School in the AU III class. Later, she became a Special Education Instructional Assistant at Davis Drive Middle School, where she has worked for 8 years.  At DDMS, Karen ensures compliance of behavioral and educational intervention plans for children which includes separate-setting testing. She also assists with data collection, provides individualized care to students, coordinates the testing lab and administers tests, and performs the vision and hearing screening at DDMS.


Karen is Google Educator Level 1 certified and has completed the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training 2020 and the Bloodborne Pathogen Training for the Wake County Public School System.


Karen has been a strong community advocate helping students and families for years. She has successfully helped her neighborhood avoid school reassignment numerous times. She was able to negotiate changing the bell schedule for schools in the Wake County Public School System. She received the Karen “Brockovich” Carter award for helping to stop a Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility from moving into a residential neighborhood. She also served on a 501C3 New Wave Swim Team board where she assisted with fundraising and procured sponsors.


Karen Carter was born and raised in Wake County. After attending Wake County Schools, she graduated with a BA in Social Work from Meredith College in Raleigh.


"You have been consistent in bringing your concerns to the board," said Christine Kushner about BOE candidate Karen Carter. "Your advocacy is admirable. Focused advocacy takes time and effort."


Karen Carter has been featured in many local news stories as she advocates for ALL children in Wake County.